Monday, 18 September 2023 13:00

Clearstone Paving Ltd, are an established business with over 12 years experience. All their projects carry a 10 year guarantee. They specialise in resin bound surfacing and understand resin bound technology for complex projects.

The brief for Clearstone was to install a 8m2 prominent resin Seagull logo for Brighton & Hove, Albion Football Club, to welcome all visitors to the club. Clearstone was chosen for the project as they are a specialist resin bound surfacing company with expertise in producing custom paved logos.

Clearstone’s design team, overlayed the architect’s drawing, enabling individual elements to be laser cut, and calculated the quantities of materials needed for the complex installation. Clearstone’s team of highly trained craftsmen took the laser-stencil-cut letters and images, carefully pinned them in place, before infilling the design with PrismStone®, Clearstone’s colour coated quartz range, designed for decorative surfaces. This careful process enabled the graphic to take shape exactly as requested by the club. Dural were contacted and asked to supply DUROSOL flexible aluminium trim, 18.5mm. In order to attach the trims firmly in place, a large round locking nut was screwed into the ground.

DUROSOL profiles are ‘ L’ shape edging profiles which have been designed for use in many different areas and applications, even football clubs!. They are available in heights ranging from 2 mm to 50 mm with a narrow visible edge. They are ideal for production of a secure edge trim and for the clean separation of different surfaces, colours in this instance. Flexible profiles can create rounded edges and shapes when linking one flooring surface to another. It can be installed to contour around shapes and pillars. The profile can be shaped into curves by either using a device or by hand. DUROSOL profiles are available in a wide range of finishes in PVC, aluminium, V2A stainless steel, V4A stainless steel or brass and some profiles are also available in the flexible "Z-Flex", as used here.

Dural also provides highly competent advice and support for any resin flooring project. No matter how complex the application they can provide the perfect solution, including both products and service. If you would like further information regarding our products, please telephone our UK head office on 01924 360110